Song about Rizokarpasso

Listen to this moving song by proud Rizokarpassiti Photis Louis Nasaris. 

This emotive song brings to live his, and our, vivid memories of our village. Although Rizokarpasso continues to be under Turkish occupation, our desire to return remains just as strong

Here’s a bit of background from Photi


My work takes me to Manchester UK, where I have spent all my years after the village that I grew up in since I was 6 years old was not accessible anymore, for the known reasons.

My family (wife and daughter) takes me to Athens.  We moved to Athens in 2009 and I commute to Manchester on a very regular basis.

My father is Louis Nasaris (RIP) the son of Ttooularas and Marikkou of the Leko district. My Mother is Niki Nasari an adopted Karpasitissa from Limnia Ammochostou, now living in Nicosia.

Both my parents were enclaved in Rizokarpaso until 1983. My father was the owner of LOUIS RESTAURANT/CAFÉ, a modern place for its time. The restaurant was built after my father’s return for good to his beloved village in1961 from the UK where he spent more than 30 years.

I have very fond memories of that time in Rizokarpaso.  As I grow older and hopes for a decent Cyprus solution seem to be far away, I often think of my young days in our beloved village Rizokarpaso. I do realise how important for me it was to have lived there, the place that made me, in my opinion, the person that I am today.

It seems to me that although we cannot return to it at the moment as free people I do, however, carry with me the warm memories of that time.  Feeling grateful to have been part of that community and still are, all of us Lucky People.

The musician who produced and wrote the music for my song and who visited and knows the history of our village is Tzimis Vatikiotis

The song I wrote and sing

Expresses how I feel about our village, Rizokarpaso

Enjoy….dedicated to all of you

Photis Louis Nasaris

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