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  1. Hi, I hope you don’t think i am being forward by approaching you as a association.
    My reason is that my father came from Rizokarpasso , he left for South Africa in 1937 and had a sister who lived in Rizokarpasso until she passed away about 5 years ago.
    My aunts name was Eleni Pafitis and her children , my cousins are Kyriakos Pafitis now living in his mom’s house , his brother George living in Greece and sister Kasiani ( Loulla ) living in Kalo Chorio in Larnaca.
    I met my fathers uncle in the 60’s from the U.K i believe he was working for the Cypriot Consul in London.
    There are two things i need to know if possible.
    1.) If anybody knows any of my relatives and also extended family as i would love to contact them.
    2. ) My dad used to make the best Loukanika which was said to be a recipe from their area and i would love to get the recipe if possible.
    Thanking you very much and i apologize again but i would really appreciate any help i can get.
    Kyriakos ‘x ‘ Lambrou.

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