Letter to our Members – Invitation to our Annual General Meeting

Dear Member

 Sunday 26th April, 3.00 pm – Annual General Meeting – Cypriot Community Centre


Our Association’s Dinner and Dance on November 29th this year marks the 40th Anniversary of our Association please note the date and book to come with your family and friends, our Association and Charity needs your support.


Since our last members meeting we have continued to write numerous letters on a range of issues to high profile national and world political leaders and to the press. In our letters and in public meetings we constantly raise a number of issues e.g. the continued denial of human rights of the enclaved Greek Cypriots in Rizokarpasso by the illegal administration, the rights of the legal owners of properties in occupied north Cyprus, the expulsion of the Headteacher and a teacher from Rizokarpasso. 


In the UK General Election on Thursday 7th May 2015, you have one vote to elect your constituency MP. When politicians come knocking on your door to secure your vote, ask them what their views are on Cyprus and use your vote accordingly.  It is essential that you and all Greek Cypriots vote on Thursday 7th May so that we are seen as a politically aware and active community, this will strengthen our voice and our support for justice for Cyprus.   20th April is the last date you can register to vote, you can register by going onto the website below:



£5 Membership is due at the meeting from each member.  This contributes to the cost of the souvlakia at the two members meeting per year, the cost of the summer outing lunch and also entitles the member to vote in the election of the new Committee for 2015-2017.


Please note the following dates – your attendance and involvement is essential if we are to succeed:


Sunday 29th March – National Federation of Cypriots  National Celebration of 25th March/1st April – Ashmole Academy, Cecil Road, London N14 5RJ – 3.30pm


Sunday 26th April, 3.00 pm  Annual General Meeting at the Cypriot Community Centre, Wood Green, N22

1)  President’s Report – Mary Karaolis

  • Treasurer’s Report – Andreas Gavrielides
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Resolutions to be sent to world leaders.
  • O.B – Διαφορα
  • Nomination & Elections of new Committee 2015-2017
  • Refreshments – Souvlakia



Thursday  7th  May  – UK General Election – exercise your democratic right as a citizen and vote

Sunday 21st   June Summer Outing to Eastbourne

Sunday 5th July –Trafalgar Square Rally 3.30pm

July – 7.00pm House of Commons Lobby for Cyprus

Sunday 29th  November 7.00 pm- Dinner & Dance



Yours sincerely

Mrs Mary Helen Karaolis OBE  BEd(Hons)   MA  NPQH  FCollT

on behalf of the Executive Committee

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